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3 Must Visit Places on Komodo Island Tours from Cruise Ship

Komodo island tours from cruise ship 2019

3 Must Visit Places on Komodo Island Tours from Cruise Ship

The increasing number of cruise line companies coming to the Indonesian water has added up significant Komodo island tours from cruise ship. Some well-known cruise lines such as Holland America Line, P&O Cruises, NCL, and many other companies even have scheduled their arrival every year to the island. It widens up the variety of ways to visit this magnificent island.

Komodo island tour from the best cruise ships

There are many tour packages offered for Komodo island tours from cruise ship. Mostly, the local tour agents provide a half-day tour for the cruise guests. They are free to choose a 2 or 5-hours tour on the island. The destinations are definitely varied depending on the duration of the tour chosen.
There are some famous, great places to visit in Komodo island. If you plan to visit Komodo island in Indonesia, the tidbits below might be helpful for you. Check it out.

Komodo Island Trekking

After your cruise has been docking, you will be directly picked up by the guide. This prehistoric animal lives in their natural habitat. Therefore, to witness its greatness, you are to do trekking along the komodo island tours National Park.
Along the journey, your eyes will be spoiled by a perfect natural ambiance. Chirping birds, shady trees, not to mention wild animals within your eyesight are the entertainment you get on your trekking. Get your feet and eyes ready to catch the glimpse of the beauty.

Your guide and park ranger will take you to certain spots where the Komodos are usually found lying and waiting for their prey. Do not worry. Safety has been the main issue on the tour. You just have to follow the rules set for the guests.

Pink Beach

If you take a longer tour package, you can enjoy the Pink Beach. The beach gets its name due to the color of its water. Actually, the pink color comes up from the coral fragments combined with the sand. The locals call it Red Beach as well.

It takes 45 minutes by boat from Komodo island to Pink Beach’s port. There, you can do snorkeling, swimming, or just lying on its beautiful sand and relaxing your body. Komodo island tours from cruise ship can never be better with a beach visit, right?

Komodo Village

Komodo island tours from cruise ship 2019

In Komodo Village, you can see the lifestyle of the locals. The majority of people living in the village are fishermen. No doubt, you will find traditional fishing stuff on their traditional houses. You can also buy some beautiful, hand-made souvenirs here.

All of those spots are worth your time to visit. Contact some best local agents for your best cruise excursion. Komodo island tours from cruise ship will definitely mark an unforgettable memory on you.

Vicki Lawrence