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PT Tera Logistics

PT Tera Logistics Indonesia, Best Shipping Agency for Global Customers

Looking for best shipping agency for shipping logistic from or to Indonesia? PT Tera logistics marketplace Indonesia could be a right partner for you and other shippers in all around the world. This agency has long experience on helping people and company to ship goods and other things. Founded in 2004, Teralogistics is now transformed into a reputable company which is known in the world not only in Indonesia.

Many people including importers and exporters have been faithful to entrust all things concerning delivery along with teralogistic. Service delivery is served not only in small scale but also large scale such as cargo shipping, provisions, equipment, spare parts, bunker and many others. That’s all because this agency is trusted to meet the terms and standards of security, speed of delivery, and even competitive pricing.

PT Tera Logistics Located in the Strategic Center of Indonesia

PT Tera Logistics

PT Tera Logistics

This agency is located in the strategic place in Indonesia, exactly at the center of Indonesian maritime archipelago. That way, delivery can be done with very affordable and does not take long to get to the destination. If you need to come to the agency office, you can come to Jl. Abdul Muis No. 46, Center of Jakarta 10160. For making reservation, make sure to make an appointment through telephone line (021) 350 5350 ext. 3488.

Ensure Efficient and Cost-Effective Shipment

Besides located in the center place, this agency is also trying to ensure efficient and cost-effective shipment. How come? That’s because the agency does everything professionally supported by the experienced teams. Ships used for shipping are also in reasonable condition. Delivery package tailor-made type is done neatly and carefully so that it’s guaranteed that goods to be sent can reach the destination location in intact condition without damage at all.

So, Are You Sure to Make a Deal for Shipping with PT Tera Logistics?

After looking at some of the above facts, how? Are you sure to choose this agency for your shipment? If you are still unsure, you can try to search from various sources about other facts available about the advantages of this teralogistic. But if you are already convinced, just stay contact the agency to do some negotiation process, asking something you understand yet, and even make appointment to come to the office for making a contract. If it is considered beneficial, you can sign a contract for a certain period of time with PT Tera Logistics.