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What is Freight Forwarder Services?

freight forwarder services definition

What is Freight Forwarder Services?

Talking about export and import, we will also discuss Freight Forwarder. Because these two things will be closely related to both. if you do export and import business then you will be dealing with a Freight Forwarder company. Then what is freight forwarder services?

Definition of Freight Forwarder

freight forwarding services pdf


freight forwarder is a company engaged in the field of agency that deals with the problem of sending or receiving export or import goods. This company cooperates with various shiping and carrier agents. Other definitions are as follows:

  • Freight Forwarder companies that send goods from one place to another
  • Freight Forwarders move goods using heavy transport
  • Freight Forwarders are agents who act as senders, transporters and recipients of goods

 Various companies that work with Freight Forwarders

In running its business, the Freight Forwarder company cooperates with various other parties. The various companies that collaborate with Freight Forwarder are as follows:

  • The owner of the goods either seller or buyer (export / import)
  • Unloading companies to unload goods and install goods ready to transport
  • Cargo companies to ensure goods are shipped
  • The carrier of goods
  • Insurance companies as collateral for the protection of goods and evidence of quality services
  • The relevant government agencies or instances such as customs and so on

 Delivery services provided

The Freight Forwarder company has a shipping service that you can use to send goods between countries easily. The various services it provides are:

  • Freight forwarding services
  • Airfreight service
  • Delivery guarantee service
  • Arrangement of documents for sending and receiving goods
  • Receipt of goods by air
  • Sea lane reception

Today, we can find so many shipping companies in the world. One of the popular one is freight forwarder services. Do you know what that is?

Freight Forwarder service users

Not everyone needs a Freight Forwarder, only certain people who have special interests who use a Freight Forwarder. Such as:

  • Business exporters
  • Import companies
  • Overseas expedition services
  • Cargo
  • Insurance services

freight forwarder services definition

Where to Find Best Freight Forwarder?

The next question which is then also widely asked is about where we can find good and quality freight forwarders. There are many freight forwarder services available and can be found anywhere, but look for quality. Can find the quality you have to look for in the right place, one of them you can rely on the freight forwarder marketplace, namely Tera Logistics.

At this point, do you understand what freight forwarder services are? Hopefully this article provides insight and useful references. To find one of the best service, you can use teralogistic.com to look form some of the best and then decide one.

Vicki Lawrence